Convey the dazzling beauty of starlight

Design Inspiration

The Cerulean Medusa Collection draws inspiration from the tranquil ocean and the mystique of jellyfish. The cerulean color palette represents the deep sea, while the jellyfish-inspired design imparts an elegant and mysterious feel to the entire collection. The embedded blue natural topaz mimics the shimmering light in the ocean, infusing vitality into each piece.

Design Philosophy

  • Radiant Starlight: The design philosophy of the Stellar Luminescence Collection is to showcase the brilliance of starlight. The oval-shaped yellow crystal at the center of the ring is surrounded by a circle of white zirconia stones and a gold-plated starry ring, forming a shimmering representation of starlight. The overall design aims to present a radiant and enchanting beauty inspired by starlight.
  • Celestial Fantasy: The earrings, designed as pendants, feature a chain adorned with white zirconia stones, connecting the large yellow crystal to small golden stars and a crescent moon. This design is inspired by the fantastical dreamscape of the celestial realm. The clever combination of zirconia stones, golden stars, and the moon injects a unique and shimmering charm into the entire collection.
  • Elegance of S925 Silver: The ring setting is crafted from S925 silver, presenting an elegant and refined appearance. The combination of the oval-shaped yellow crystal and the starry gold-plated elements highlights the unique beauty of the overall design.

The Stellar Luminescence Collection is a series that skillfully combines yellow crystal, white zirconia stones, and a starry gold-plated motif. The earrings’ pendant design incorporates white zirconia stones, small golden stars, and a crescent moon, portraying the brilliance of stellar luminescence. Each piece of jewelry is a journey into a sparkling and unique starlit realm.


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