Rainbow Reverie Collection

enchanting hues of a rainbow

Design Inspiration

The Rainbow Reverie Collection draws inspiration from the enchanting hues of a rainbow, aiming to capture the dreamlike beauty it exudes. The focal point of this collection is a captivating 24.21-carat rainbow quartz, complemented by white zircon as secondary stones, creating a gemstone ensemble that embodies a fantastical and ethereal aura. The series is dedicated to conveying a sense of hope, dreams, and vitality through its unique rainbow tones.

Design Philosophy

  • Dreamy Rainbow Palette: The design philosophy of the Rainbow Reverie Collection is to emphasize the dreamy hues of the rainbow. The 24.21-carat rainbow quartz takes center stage, symbolizing the dreamlike, vibrant, and unique beauty of a rainbow. This design aims to provide wearers with a visual feast reminiscent of dreams and fantasy.
  • Radiant Contrast with White Zircon: White zircon, as secondary stones, creates a striking contrast with the rainbow quartz, adding layers and brilliance to the overall design. Their combination breaks away from tradition, presenting a modern and luxurious style.
  • Symbolism of Hope and Vitality: Rainbow tones are often associated with symbols of hope and vitality. Through the unique selection of gemstones and meticulous craftsmanship, this collection seeks to bring forth a positive, bright emotion for wearers, allowing the dream of the rainbow to shine in every aspect.

The Rainbow Reverie Collection is a series that, through the design of a 24.21-carat rainbow quartz and white zircon, presents a dreamscape filled with hope and vitality. Each piece of jewelry is a unique rainbow dream, providing wearers with joy and a distinctive experience.


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